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A Binge-watcher's guide to Streaming Movies, TV Series, & Stuff

Welcome to Kickin’ & Streamin’ Podcast, a Binge-watcher’s Guide to Streaming Movies, TV Series, & Stuff. Graham & Jocelyn are two friends who’ve let go of Cable and Satellite to enjoy a life of watching great content on streaming platforms such a Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, Youtube, HBO NOW, and others. They have created this podcast to tell listeners about their favorite movies, TV series, documentaries, game shows, across every streaming platforms. You can always get in touch with us via our Contact Us page, also on Twitter @kickinnstreamin, on Instagram @kickinandstreamin_podcast, follow us on Facebook at If you’d like to suggest a topic of discussion for our next episode, please email us at Join our newsletter when you visit our website and you can also support this podcast by becoming a patron

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