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It’s almost unimaginable to find someone in the US without an Amazon Prime account nowadays. A Prime account is what guarantees you a seat at the table of online shopping and one-day delivery to which the mega online store Amazon has gotten all of accustomed.  So the question is why aren’t more people streaming Prime Video original series? This is a question which always comes up between myself and Jocelyn whenever we discuss a movie or original TV series by Amazon Prime Video in our podcast Kickin’ & Streamin’.

We have already established that Prime Video seem to produce movies and series with higher quality and substantively better than its counterpart Netflix. In fact, my co-host Jocelyn jokes that she sometimes thinks of Netflix as the Oprah Winfrey Show episode where Oprah gave a car to each one of her audience member by shouting “You get a car, you get a car… everybody gets a car!” Jocelyn, imagines Netflix executives shouting at anyone who pitches the most minimally produced contents to their portfolio is rewarded with a “You get a Netflix show, you get a Netflix show…everybody gets a Netflix show!” In other words, while there’s always something new to watch on Netflix, you watch at your own peril because you never know how far into watching a new series you’ll realize you’ve wasted an obscene amount of your time. That’s not normally the case with Prime Video.

During this week’s episode, I had the pleasure to have this Prime Video vs Netflix conversation with fellow podcaster and TV binge-watch enthusiast Dr. Tracy Timberlake. Dr. Timberlake had kindly agreed to co-host the podcast with me while Jocelyn to some much deserved time off. It was refreshing to get someone else’s perspective on this issue. Here’s a video of this conversation.

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