Kickin' & Streamin' Podcast

A Binge-watcher's guide to Streaming Movies, TV Series, & Stuff

On this episode of Kickin’ & Streamin; Podcast Graham & Jocelyn review the year 2020 and list their top-10 picks for best TV shows of the year. Graham & Jocelyn are later joined by fellow podcasters GeauxDee & Smash, hosts of Talka Brothas Podcast, where they compare notes and their own Top-10 list; which made for a hilarious, and sometimes thoughtful conversation about all the different life situations we see depicted in the TV shows and movies we’ve watched this year.

We are currently working on our 2020 Year in Review special episode where we bring you a list of the top-10 best TV shows and movies we streamed and watched this year.

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