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Hello everyone!

First and foremost, Jocelyn and I are sorry we didn’t have an episode for you this week. We are currently working on our 2020 Year in Review special episode where we bring you a list of the top-10 best TV shows and movies we streamed and watched this year. That episode, was slated to come out today, but at recording time, we ran into some major technical difficulties; which forced us to abort the recording session. We opted to abort the recording because we didn’t want to settle for a badly produced episode, especially the one in which we’d review the year 2020.

I’m’ happy to report that we’ve resolved the technical issues and this week we’re doing all over again. We’ll be joined by a couple of guests and fellow podcasters Geaux Dee and Smash, hosts of Talka Brothas Podcast. We were for fortunate enough this year to host Geaux Dee and Smash as guests on episode 71  and it was so much fun, so we think having them on this episode would be a fantastic way to review the year 2020. So, don’t miss this upcoming episode on Tuesday 22 of December available wherever podcasts are found. You can also check out the video version of our podcast on our YouTube Channel every Friday at Noon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on social media on FaceboookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest. You can also support the show by becoming a Patron on our Patreon page where you’ll become eligible for our exclusive patrons-only contents. Finally, we’d like you to visit our merchandise store on Teespring where you can purchase our beautiful and stylish t-shirts, pullover, and mug. 

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