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On this episode of Kickin’ & Streamin’ Podcast. Graham & Jocelyn compiled and share a list of their 12 favorite movies to watch during the Christmas break.

On this episode of Kickin’ & Streamin’ Podcast, Graham & Jocelyn discuss Raising Dion, a Netflix original series based on a comic book by Dennis Liu starring Alisha Wainwright, Michael B. Jordan, Ja’siah Young, and Jason Ritter.

On this episode Graham & Jocelyn discuss Amazon Prime original movie “The Report,” starring Adam Driver, Annette Bening, Jon Hamm, and Michael C Hall. Before getting into the heart of the matter, the two co-hosts banter and poked fun at their respective spouse’s hometown accents. Then, Jocelyn started the conversation by saying Adam Driver isn’t what comes to mind as “leading man” material due to his unconventional looks; however, Adam Driver’s acting skills and his inexplicable stage presence has made him an incredibly enjoyable performer.

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