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Being in quarantine is new and uncharted territory for almost everyone today. It’s especially so if you live in the U.S. where almost everything can be done at a moment’s notice and 24 hours a day. But the looming threat of Covid-19, it’s in our interest to stay home and follow the guidelines outlined by state and local officials in order to prevent the spread of Corona Virus. We at Kickin’ & Streamin’ Podcast know that the struggle is real and there’s only so many recipes you can try, there’s only so many times you can scrub the bathrooms, scroll through social media, read that book you started on your last vacation and never finished. If you find yourself wandering aimlessly on Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Roku, and all other streaming platforms looking for something to watch? The following list of binge watchable contents is all you need so you can stop scrolling up and down, and start your binge watch. You’re welcome!

  • Tiger King – this show is totally bats and 100% what we needed as a country right now.  You think you know what’s happening, and then, BAM!  A tiger jumps out of a double-wide and eats your arm.  (Netflix)
  • Power – A charming and skillful New York drug dealer James St. Patrick (aka) Ghost, wants a way out of the drug business and build a legit business portfolio, but much as he tries, Ghost’s past keeps pulling him back into the world he so desperately tries to escape. (Hulu) – Starz
  • Rebooted (2019)- this sweet little short film is an homage to old Hollywood monster movies – except it’s from Australia. Funny and touching, it’s safe to watch with the kids.  (YouTube)
  • Luther – Idris Elba plays this emotionally raw and self-destructive British detective who has a knack for catching murderers, but finds himself trapped in a psychological duel with a predator from whom can’t seem to escape. (Netflix)
  • Cold Case Files – the first season is now available on Netflix, and it’s a good way to pass some time.  Thoughtful and sensitive, this show is an example of how to do true crime TV.
  • Succession – Logan Roy, the aging megalomaniac, narcissistic C.E.O of the international media conglomerate known as Waystar Royco refuses to step aside and cede control of the business to his children after promising and grooming his son Kendall to be his successor. Loyalties collide and all hell break loose. (HBO GO)
  • Dracula – the talented team behind the world-wide phenomenon Sherlock are back with an interesting offering – a retelling of the classic horror tale, with of course only a few twists they could come up with.  Not as popular as Sherlock, but a fun ride nonetheless. (Netflix)  
  • QI (Quite Interesting) Originally conducted by the great British actor Stephen Fry, (aka) the smartest man in show business, QI is the greatest of any trivia/comedy show you’ve ever seen. Giving you a good giggle while making you smart at the same time. (Tubi) (Britbox)
  • Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) Without a doubt, Money Heist is the best foreign language series on Netflix. Hailing from Spain and masterfully dubbed in English, the Heist follows the story of a calculated, meticulous bank robber who puts together a team which successfully perpetrated the greatest heist in the history of mankind and lived to tell the story. (Netflix)
  • Keeping Up Appearances – if you are not familiar with Hyacinth Bucket (that’s pronounced “bouquet”,dear) then now is the time to fix that omission.  From slapstick to word play, this is older British comedy at it’s finest – mind the Royal Doulton! (Britbox)

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